First years

He was born and raised in “Escuela” neighbourhood in the city of Río Tercero, Argentina. Jorge was always committed to knowledge, thanks to his family in great part that conveyed him the love for science and the emotion of living in family. He dedicated his final work of the Master to his daughters:”Dedicata alle mie figlie Valentina e Sofia”
During his childhood and adolescence he studied and collaborated in the Salesian Oratory, Juvenile Institute Ceferino Namuncura, where he cultivated his Christian faith.
As an individual sports fan he was an outstanding athlete at national level and he represented his country in the Southamerican tournaments. He got many medals at national level and holds two records in the province of Córdoba in 1500m with hurdles and 4x400m relay, since 1993.
He finished primary school at “Gral Manuel Belgrano”school. In 1990, Villafañe entered IPEM N° 266 ex ENET N°1 Gral Savio. When he finished secondary school he entered the School of Kinesiology and Physiotherapy, School of Medicine of the National University of Córdoba.
While he was following the subjects in his last year, he made his practices at Rawson Hospital where he met his wife, Roxana Massaccesi.
In 2002, just graduated, with his will of progress he moves to Italy, as he saw that his country could not give him the necessary conditions for his development, Argentina falls in one of the deepest economic crisis in history.

Passion for Research

Since he was very young he was a lover of the scientific method instilled by his father, a Math teacher, who always said to him “observation is science”, he stood out in the school Science Fair organized by the primary school every end of year; during the secondary school he developed an interest in hypoxia-hipoxica in high-performance athletes, which he studied deeply at University during the third year, he attended for a year the career of Laboratory Technician at the School of Medical Technology, National University of Córdoba, with the purpose of studying Histology and using the microscope properly, which was bought by his father.
The beginnings were not easy, after many years of work and self-study of osteopathy in Italy, where he formed his own family, he could self-finance his specialization and he made the “University Master on Manual Therapies” at the European University of Madrid, Spain. There, he met Doctor Josue Fernandez-Carnero who guides him as a tutor in his scientific publications.
At present he self-finances his research on techniques of manual therapies for the treatment of the secondary rizarthrosis as doctoral thesis at the Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid.


He started working with great difficulties in Italy, his grandfather’s country, with private patients during 2002, activity he never quit. In 2003 he got from the “Ministero della Salute”, Italy, the certificate of equivalence of his degree of “MSc in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy” in order to be able to work as a “Physiotherapist” in Italy. He started to work independently in different health centres in the province of Torino and improved the techniques in neurology, respiratory and traumatology, he never left his private patients. By the end of 2008 he started to improve his techniques on manual therapies at the surgery in Avigliana.


In Italy, Piossasco (TO), with his wife Roxana Massaccesi he forms a family. They had two daughters Valentina in 2007 and Sofia in 2009. The same as his wife Jorge is Italian thanks to his grandparents.