Philosophiæ Doctor

The Ph.D is the highest university level. Traditionally, the award of a doctorate implies recognition of a candidate as an equal by the university faculty in which he has studied.

Master’s Degree in manual therapy

The Manual Therapy labor is a discipline of manual techniques in physiotherapy, with a scientific contribution in diagnosis and treatment of pathological lesions, using an approach of osteopathic techniques.

Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy

The curriculum addresses basic and clinical subjects. The race provides the necessary scientific and technological bases for: the care and rehabilitation of patients with orthopedic conditions, neurological, respiratory or cardiac specific therapeutic techniques.

My profession

The Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physical Therapy, is the only professional involved in the university health-disease process, conducting acts of prevention, promotion, conservation, treatment and recovery of physical abilities of individuals. Must participate actively and permanent normalization, programming, research and teaching in all matters relating to the specific activity exerted in the field of health.

Where I work

Researcher/Physical Therapy. IRCCS Don Gnocchi Foundation, Milan, Italy.